Hi! This is my first toot, and therefore the first photo I publish. Glad to be here :)

Canon EOS 200D
ISO 1000

CC BY-SA 3.0

@54ward my kind of picture - difficult part is the focus esp with something challenging like rust

Yes, focusing when you are so close is pretty difficult for me. In this case I used autofocus, is manual better in these situations? (I'm super noob, so any advice is welcome! 😃)

@54ward oh boy - you asked! Film is the answer (partly) because there are no optical rangefinders on ANY digital camera - could be quite easily, but none - I did this with a leica-alike called a voitlander See the Rain Drop on his/her chin? Obviously a child's grave

@54ward I focused hard on this one, just down the road (near winsted connecticut) is the original little red school house (no bell) and the first place borden evaporated milk, used a mountain stream for power to run the vacuum

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