"Imperfect Nostalgia"

Canon EOS 200D
ISO 160

CC BY-SA 3.0

My first black & white image. Any comments to improve are welcome :)

@54ward nice shot! I really like the mans reflection in the puddle.

I played a bit around with the curves adjustment and sharpened it an tiny bit.
What do you think?

Wow! I like your version too! If you want I can send you the RAW file :)

@54ward BW lends itself really well you contrast and textures. Have you considered increasing the contrast and seeing if you can make the man stand out a bit more?

Hey! Thanks for your comment! @Vyllibh created another version of this photo adding more contrast, and the reflection appears a lot more clear than in mine, I really like it :)

The thing is that when I edited this image I was paying a lot of attention to the exposure indicator of darktable (those highlighted blue pixels). Is this right or should I "ignore" them, specially in BW?

@54ward @Vyllibh No, don't ignore them. They are definitely a great tool. The question becomes what kind of image you want. If you want everything exposed properly then that's a great way of doing it. If you want to draw the eye to the subject of your image then you may have to over or under expose certain areas. While yes, keeping the whole image properly exposed can be a great way to edit, there could also be a case made for why you might want to over or underexpose certain areas.

@54ward @Vyllibh One of my favourite tools in Dark table is the tone Module. In the top right of the module it has an eye dropper and you can use that to find out where on the graph your subject lies. Then you can make sure your subject is properly exposed for the image you want, and you can change the tones of the area to make sure the eye is drawn to the subject.

@54ward @Rinkhals whether one should pay attention to such tool depends on what you want to achieve. Do you aim for a good photo from a technically point of view or an artistic one. In case you don't know him, there is a guy on Youtube making great videos on the artistic aspect of photography.
A video you might be interested in may be this on
I'm not sure though if it's the one I was thinking of. Internet here is horrible so I can't properly check.

@Vyllibh @54ward That's exactly right, it all depends on what you are looking for.

@Vyllibh @Rinkhals I didn't know this channel, very interesting video. I've seen he has a playlist of 24 videos, I guess I will check all of them hahahaha

Seriously, I really like how constructive and noob-friendly is this instance, thank you all!

@54ward @Rinkhals
I'm a beginner myself. I'm glad I can help anyways :)

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