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I might have missed the migratory birds during the winter but there are still plenty of songbirds flitting around.

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Did you know that I actually have a website where you can find all my artistic endeavors including photography? I do, so I'm going to start promoting it.

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Still working on editing star photos, slowly, because I fell asleep, but here's a time lapse. I caught a couple meteors, but probably should have gone out earlier, and to a darker place (2 sleepy 2 drive etc)

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Killed by a sniper's bullet in WW1 poet Joyce Kilmer remembered trees beyond the trenches:


I think that I shall never see
a poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
against the sweet earth’s flowing breast; a tree that looks at God all day, and lifts her leafy arms to pray; a tree that may in summer wear a nest of robins in her hair; upon whose bosom snow has lain; who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.

With spring comes the variety of festivals dedicated to flowers. All of April is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I did not know there were that many types of tulips.

Times like these I wish I had a proper macro lens, but regardless.

Decided to try and grow my own Kirby cucumbers this year for pickles. I planted these 5 days ago and they have aggressively made their way out. Unfortunately, it has not been sunny so I had to use a fluorescent light as artificial sun. I just hope I don't kill them in the next few days.

Lens: 50mm f/1.4 USM
Aperture: f/1.4
ISO: 125
Shutter Speed: 1/640
Focal Length: 50mm

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Handheld flowing stream shot with pentax q7 + 06 tele zoom (at ~ 85mm equivalent)

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One autumn weekend I decided to put my new tent in use. Packed my gear and drove to a nearby coastal nature reserve. After the well slept night I woke up to enjoy my morning coffee watching this view. Good times!

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Cascade of Paratiisikuru. Located in national park, Finland, Paratiisikuru is one of the natural treasures of the area.

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: Won't be long until we see more like this little critter, a juvenile Goldfinch, in . Snow is predicted for early tomorrow morning, though. Winter still has a grip.

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I'll try posting three , all made with the Pentax LX, small in the hand, dust and water protected. I used Kodak Ultra Color 400 film.

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