[2] Looking at image processing and the effects of "capture sharpening" on images with several lenses of different eras and characteristics -


This is very conservative, in the sense this does nothing to move photography forward. Still, it is a method that duplicates the old carbon tissue print making technique, with an even higher degree of control.

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Looking at fine gradation selective toning using a processed nearly final and tossing it into the where I used Luminosity Masks and Sample Colorizing three layers over a base layer. Cool tones in the shadows, neutral browns in the mids, and platinum/palladium for the highlights.

To prove to myself that processing digital color into monochrome really does work better when using luminence channels (not RGB or simple de-sat - ick! ack!), I went back 6 years and reprocessed some earlier work taken using a completely different camera/sensor/lens system. Processing, not cameras, not lenses.

2014 - 5D Mk2 24-105mm L zoom

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