@ChristopherMarkPerez I assume this is digital? The first thought that jumped out at me is "This is film!" It looks like an older (not in current production) emulsion.

I see you tagged it #oldlens. Is that the secret? What lens? Is it coated? If digital, did you also do something in post to give it that look?

@Photorat - Digital, striving for a "film look." The "trick" isn't in the lens (in fact, any lens will do). The "trick" is in the processing. I wrote about it on one of my blogs -


@ChristopherMarkPerez That article was about B&W. (It broke my brain, though. I've been saying for years that I love high-contrast B&W with jet-black shadows. You're pointing out that the prints by the masters are lower contrast with subtle tonality. I guess I need to broaden my horizons and look at more prints!)

How did you approach getting that look you have in these color photos?

@Photorat - Sorry to "break the brain." I know, I can get a bit "wordy" as I try to understand as deeply as possible some subject or another.

Good high contrast B&W is wonderful. I remember seeing an Ansel Adams show in LA years ago that was spot-on perfectly printed, and tended toward high contrast. It was glorious.

@Photorat - Regarding the color - I found a filter that tends towards pinks/bronze highlights with blue shadows. Nothing strong, mind you. Just a hint of this and that. Then I modified the filter to pump the saturation and contrast, while adjusting the "curves" to see if I could make as consistant as possible the intensities of the highlights and shadows.

I know: Still overthinking stuff. But there you have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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