@ChristopherMarkPerez sweet photog - the lense does it - too bad you could not go wholly nikkor film with this for that extra bit - I shoot an a6000 too, but have bins of old film cameras that I never used

@johnbessa - Thanks for the kind comments.

Until recently I would've agreed with you about film. But then I learned how to control digital. It's the exact opposite of how one successfully controls film. Once sorted... 🙂

The Nikon Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 pre-Ai K is a _gorgeous_ portrait optic. It has creamy lovely under-corrected spherical aberration behind the point of focus. It''s like using an beautiful large format Wollensak Versar or, even better, Verito.

@ChristopherMarkPerez you take so many !! I had to quit at the car show - can you explain a bit more? "exact opposite of how one successfully controls film" thanks

@johnbessa - Super short version: In film you expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights. What's gorgeous about film is how difficult it is to block up the highlights. So they tend to remain super smooth.

In digital you expose for the highlights and process for the shadows. If your highlights are FFFFFF, there's no reclaiming information/detail.

@ChristopherMarkPerez I get it - I do the same, I make a small exposure square and pick the (presumably) highlighted subject - I think the area film survives is in in older people's portraits such as this little known boat designer I found - the aging shines through as character rather than blemishes - young are so digital anyway :/

@johnbessa - I think you're already "there", then. 🙂

I shot large and ultra large format film for many many years and have saved a few old negs (this, even after moving overseas). They are wonderful, even now.

Though with age I feel I need to keep my hands out of the chemistry and go with something I can actually carry. 🙂

@ChristopherMarkPerez plus you like to photo in big numbers !! wow, I photo politicians now w the sony kit lens (which is paying off in political favors) - but these are my best, a 45mm Oly lens (100mm film equiv) that came for free w a tiny olympus air (to be sneaky w politicians)

@johnbessa - I do take a LARGE number of images. It's not for the weak of heart. 📸

How do you like your Oly? No disputes from your politicians? ;-)

@ChristopherMarkPerez OM-1? my first non-brownie, worked hard, saved up, bashed it senseless, then got a leica IIIa.

The digital oly is a epl1 that has a rare excellent kit lens - oly is panasonic inside, which was derived from the CCD sensor (or so I read) with nice colors - I am partly colorblind so that is important to me.

I also use a kodak easyshare in high contrast bright light. It has the last Schneider-KREUZNACH variogon w a tiny piece of the Leica Kodak sensor from 13 yrs ago.

@ChristopherMarkPerez The Sony is for 'commercial' work. I do it free in exchange for political acces: after-school programs to prevent education from being a barrier to employment.

Canada is like NY state or Cali, but a LOT less crazy. Current downside is that there is a rise in nazi-type thinking as in the US, but liberals remain in power (I helped!)

kodak example

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