@mpmilestogo - Thank you, Good Sir. It's nearly impossible to miss a great photo down here when the sun sets and there are clouds in the sky. It's why I enjoy being at the beach this time of year. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‹

@guephren - Indeed. I think you understand very well this subject.

It's a joy to know what's happening so you can control the outcome.

@guephren - I was at the Charles Negre photography museum in Nice and was able to closely inspect B&W silver prints from back in the day (all my prints are back home, so I couldn't look at them when the question came up). But, there it is. Crazy, eh?

@michiel - The very same. Well, with a 1mm thinner rear flame to reliably clear the SLR mirror. But the magic is not in the Sonnar formula. It's in the way Mr. Wakimoto of Nikon calculated the way under-corrected spherical aberration behaved in the out of focus regions. Nikon had enough mathematicians to accomplish the task.

What I'm illustrating here is Nikon's classic and beautifully controlled under-corrected spherical aberrations in the out of focus regions behind the point of focus. There is a reason Nikon is famous for how their lenses "look." The out of focus rendition of old Nikon Nikkor lenses was carefully calculated and exceeded for many decades the abilities of Leica and Zeiss (even though Zeiss clearly understood the effect).

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[2] I was talking with a friend about out of focus rendition (aka: ) in and came up with an illustration of neutral to severely under-corrected spherical aberrations and their effects on - NEX-7 85mm Soft f/2.2 105mm f/2.5 P and 55mm f/3.5

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