Two separate photos for last night, again, playing with the exposure mostly just for the fun of it.

There was a bit of cloud cover that helped to make the aura stand out~~

Playing with the exposure for various shots of the light pole that sits right outside of my office.

Commonly this is where people smoke, a reprieve from their stress, a refresher of the soul. In a way, the light of the light pole is a beacon of peace and sanctuary.

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Grey Fantail as seen from my veranda on the weekend. These delightful little birds catch insects on the wing and very active.
They also, as their name suggests, fan their tales for various reasons, sometimes to display a warning, sometimes in courting, and I suspect sometimes because they just want to look fabulous.

Various moon shots tonight!

Won't lie, somedays I am not the most fond of the full moon so much light its difficult to get details off of it

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Took this one about 20 minutes ago!

The moon had become amber and I loved it!!

Was away for a bit, but getting back into my nightly habit of taking moon/sky photos!

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At the office earlier saw a dove resting above the door. Stole a few photos of this little one.

Driving back from in-laws saw a little dove relaxing on a rock.

Figured share here

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