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This Plantain Squirrel (Callosciurus notatus) found some food and went on to this branch to feed, ignoring the human happily snapping shots of it. :-) Spotted at Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore, on 18 Sept 2021.

Plantain Squirrels are common squirrels found in Singapore.

On iNaturalist [ ]

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The moon's rise and set is currently close to the sun's, so its difficult to find the time for getting a good photo.

But, I was able to get a good shot this evening.

August 22nd, 2021,

Meant to post the other night, but forgot

Average exposure, all I did was point the camera up to show the amount of light that was there from the full moon.

I will say that it was still even brighter than this though.

Last night's photo, taken with a low exposure. I will say it was such a bright night out with a clear sky I loved it

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Helio is an open-source, cross-platform, distraction-free music composition suite that runs on computers and on mobile devices (!).
if you have a phone or a tablet, but no computer - you can still make music with libre software!

Something tells me once can be incredibly productive with this...

#FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #Music #MusicProduction #MIDI #Android #Linux

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A puddling Tree Yellow (Gandaca harina) spotted at Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore, on 15 Aug 2021. The second shot is backlit by the sun, and shows the veins in its wings.

The Tree Yellow is a common, small butterfly that can be locally confused with other yellow butterflies (the Grass Yellows, Eurema sp.) in flight.

On iNaturalist [ ]

Outside of the office was this little one playing in a puddle~~

Also is so adorable!

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Héron cendré (dépt Vienne, nikon d5600, sigma 150-600 mm, 08/21)

The sun yesterday.

I barely adjusted the exposure, but the smoke was so bad that I could look at it without needing any form of filtering. It was that dark and red.

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For many years, the Canon Powershot G3X was my working camera. But it has been serviced several times and even now is creaking along with malfunctioning parts. It can still take shots, but they are now not as sharp as I like.

So, I have now moved on to the Sony Cyber-shot RX10M4. Here they are: the new and the old. New shots that I'll post here will now be from the Sony, unless I'm posting shots from an older date.

Now, on to more observations and photos. 🙂

Picture of the moon from last night! Had enough clouds to give it an aura, but then had a light pole's cord obstructing a small bit of it.

Two separate photos for last night, again, playing with the exposure mostly just for the fun of it.

There was a bit of cloud cover that helped to make the aura stand out~~

Playing with the exposure for various shots of the light pole that sits right outside of my office.

Commonly this is where people smoke, a reprieve from their stress, a refresher of the soul. In a way, the light of the light pole is a beacon of peace and sanctuary.

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Grey Fantail as seen from my veranda on the weekend. These delightful little birds catch insects on the wing and very active.
They also, as their name suggests, fan their tales for various reasons, sometimes to display a warning, sometimes in courting, and I suspect sometimes because they just want to look fabulous.

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