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I added a background on an older piece, but now I'm not sure what I prefer
#art #mastoart #drawing #crow

I wanted to practice some serious hair. I feel like I still could have exaggerated it more hehe. I'm really growing to like drawing my arnuk girls ^^

#inktober #inktober2017 #sythgara #arnuk #girl #doodle #drawing #inks #marker #artist #art #fantasy #character

I've gotten some new followers recently! Thanks a bunch!!! Have an Ice Cream Cow gal! Her taiyaki tail gives me life ;u;

#mastoart #creativetoots #artistsonmastodon #procreate #closedspecies

@MiraLeigh won my 100 watchers raffle!
This is her Oc Matilda, who is a victorian era doctor.

#mastoart #giftart #art

I made a new character, his nickname is Jackal.

Gore warning

Ed being Sort of immortal, he can get pretty fucked up, but he will black out and the thing protecting him will kinda, attempt to fix shit.

its still gonna leave a mark tho.
that's why he has all those scars.


Piece of simple perspective and background practice i did after visiting japan, the text isn't kanji, i cant write that stuff so its just scribbles c;;;

#art #mastoart

On this one i even remember saving my progress now and then, its just me filling the background with details.

Trying to hash out what my Death Knight looks like, which obviously involves shirtless pics I guess?

#art #mastoart #worldofwarcraft #mmorpg #gaming

I have a deep love-hate for Victorian/Edwardian era buildings of my city, they are amazingly beautiful but they are never straight no matter how much you tweak it, there is always a part that is uneven.

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