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One of the most interesting things of working on these studies was noting all the ways they lighted the models and scenes. It's very complex!
#Guephren #GuephrenArt #Drawing #Fanart #Study #Zootopia

I drew my old Pathfinder character again. I still think about her a lot! #art #pathfinder #tabletop #original

Nearly five years ago. Seems surreal. Like to go back. Could spend hours there.

Contribution tardive, mais contribution quand même :), au #WeeklyPhotoChallenge de cette semaine, toute pleine de #contreJour 🙂

On commence avec de jolies fleurs 😃 #FleurisTonFil

Photos prises au #FZ300

Okay, since some of you wanted it, these enamel pins are now up for preorder! I hope it goes well since it'll help with money
Boosts would really help <3
#creativeToots #enamelPin #mastoArt

Another sunrise photo. Similar to the re-edit I posted a day or two ago. Same location, but taken today.

I have finally repaired my Hard Drive, so hopefully I will be back on top with newer photographs this week.
For now, I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday

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