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Day 10 of my 14 days of Valentine's YCH commissions! This is for Captain Rad of their OC Arin and Victor Creed from Xmen!
#art #commission #ych #valentinesday #illustration #mastoart #digitalart

A dump of two photographs that I got no idea if I like or not, enjoy!
It was taken during another session and I just somewhat fancied the light.


For #ockiss19 ? I guess. Bit too early but I’m not going to sit on this pic two weeks, so.

It also is supposed to be some kind of art variant of ‘10 years challenge’ too, except I’ve found this old drawing with chibies from Dec'08 and thought I’d rather draw not-chibi variant with them. Difference is big enough anyway. 🤔


With all that has gone on in my life, I actually forgot about this site to some extent! That said, I haven't had time for any proper photography anyway. So take this snap from December for now!

super quick doodle i did last night bc i decided i wanted roshan to have a tattoo of a raven wing on his shoulder bc apparently hes going to have a raven motif now?

#doodle #sketch #ocs

Hopefully, by next year, I have taught him how to stay so I don't have to cut his paws off.

I'm late to #PortfolioDay once again ;) Hi, I'm Jessica, a concept artist/ illustrator in the gaming industry and in my spare time I play around with different styles. Always open to collab on fun projects!

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