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"the moon sometimes full"

Silhouette commission for a very, VERY patient surt-ainly@dA. Thank you!

#commission #illustration #silhouette #fantasyart

A pic from my ride today, used RAW Camera app on SE to capture, then ; mostly pulled whitebalance warmer and played with filmic settings.

This is a view of what I thought was blind jump; turns out there is a wooden downramp on the other side of it to roll over.

One of the most interesting things of working on these studies was noting all the ways they lighted the models and scenes. It's very complex!
#Guephren #GuephrenArt #Drawing #Fanart #Study #Zootopia

I drew my old Pathfinder character again. I still think about her a lot! #art #pathfinder #tabletop #original

Nearly five years ago. Seems surreal. Like to go back. Could spend hours there.

Contribution tardive, mais contribution quand même :), au #WeeklyPhotoChallenge de cette semaine, toute pleine de #contreJour 🙂

On commence avec de jolies fleurs 😃 #FleurisTonFil

Photos prises au #FZ300

Okay, since some of you wanted it, these enamel pins are now up for preorder! I hope it goes well since it'll help with money
Boosts would really help <3
#creativeToots #enamelPin #mastoArt

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