How does a waterfall go extinct? Did somebody reroute the water?

@Photorat So a lot of the rock that defines the Yorkshire Dales is limestone, which is slightly porous and soluble. This means that limestone landscapes tend to contain more caves, and other karst features.

Over thousands of years, the outflow from Malham Tarn stopped flowing over and through Watlowes, and instead starting seeping through its riverbed, into the caves underneath. This is what happens 500 m south of Malham Tarn; the stream disappears into the ground at an area called Watersinks.

So it's a geological trick!

Doesn't the waterfall flow when it rains?

@Photorat If there's enough rain!

The last time water flowed through Watlowes Dry Valley, forming a waterfall over Malham Cove (for the first time in living memory) was when Storm Desmond hit the UK in December 2015 youtube.com/watch?v=w-gdS-nc9l

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