@IanCykowski I've been there! 😃​

Almost 30 years ago I hiked up to Easedale Tarn and beyond. Is that Easedale Tarn in the 3rd picture?

@tsturm You are absolutely correct! That is Easedale Tarn, with Tarn Crag above. 👍

@IanCykowski It says something about how much I liked it there that I can recognize Easedale Tarn from a photo 30 years after my visit.

What a beautiful place!

@IanCykowski I think it was on that specific hike up to Easedale Tarn where I later in the day got lost in the fog on a nearby hilltop. I forgot the name of that fell... it was sunny when I was coming up Easedale and by the time I made it to the top of the hill, I was stuck in a cloud.

It was one of those rounded, treeless hilltops in the Lake District and I had no compass... I was literally lost, since the grassy hill looked the same in all directions. It took me quite some time to slowly find my way back down towards Grasmere. 😅​

@tsturm It could well be you ended up on High Raise. It’s possible to hike up to that fell after visiting Easedale Tarn. High Raise is a very expansive, featureless fell that’s also fairly high, about 760 metres.

@IanCykowski "featureless" is exactly what it felt like in the fog. 😆​

Back in the 90s this was still slightly unnerving, since one couldn't just whip out their phone and check a GPS-guided map.

I had come up on one side in the sun, and from the other side clouds had arrived, so I had no warning that I would hike into the fog. Felt a bit foolish when I stood up there with 20m visibility and no path.

@IanCykowski I like your landscape photos very much. But I must say the other once I like more. But nontheless these are also nice pictures. 👍🏻

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