Hello. 👋 Do you like my work?

If so, thank you! If you’ve commented on my art, left a “Like”, or even just spent the time browsing through my photos, I never ever take it for granted.

If you’ve ever appreciated my photography, and freedom of access and use I provide (all my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License), you can now support me in a variety of ways 👍

@IanCykowski yeah... and i see i'll have again yet petter pics for wallpaper on my desktop :/

@hacknorris I'll have to set up some way of enabling storing and downloading full-res versions of my work.

@IanCykowski Ian's photography beautifully captures the stunning views and tranquility of the Lake District England - the place I call home.

(Ian I have seen your work on other sites - didn't realize you were so active on the fediverse!)

@Amiga1200Gamer Oh yes! Pixelfed too. Always been interested in the more “off the beat” parts of t’imternet. Also, ta for lovely words!

@IanCykowski "off the beat" parts of the lakes too apparently 😆 . Many of your photos have reminded me i need to pull off the main road and enjoy the view more often. Thank you.

@Amiga1200Gamer There’s so many wonderful little nooks and crannies that rarely get looked at!

@IanCykowski FYI "noncommercial" is not a well-defined legal term. It makes it hard for people to use your work in any activity that could be described as part of their professional activity, or in any place that is being operated with a commercial purpose. It's not clear someone can even post it on Twitter.

@remram44 What’s an accurate, alternative term for “you’re not allowed to directly make money from my images”?

@IanCykowski @remram44 The CC license should have you adequately covered, non-comerical is just the name of the license.

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