What a fuckin’ year 2022 has been.

Thankfully, things are starting to ease off. My Better Half’s sister is staying with us, so we all enjoyed a summer hike up Scout Scar!

Plenty more photos here -> 👍

@IanCykowski Interesting set of pictures. I've never been to England so It's a Virtual Tour... I especially liked the Captions that explained what we were looking at - as if we were NOT people that Lived in England... I recommend that you add a Map...

@Gregvan Thank you very much! I’m very happy you like my images and find my writing useful. I would like to add a map, that would be cool. No idea how to implement it though.

@IanCykowski I would use a PIRATED Image downloaded from the Internet BUT... The Original Artists might be Upset... Maybe Search Googl Images for "map lake district England" I suppose it's possible to pay royalties to someone that makes maps... You see, I didn't know where the Lake District was...

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