The Yorkshire Dales is home to some of the UK’s most extensive cave systems.

Every now and then a massive chasm opens up to reveal an entry into these caves.

This is one of the biggest: Hull Pot.

LOADS more photos from this hike are available for your lovely eyeballs, here 👍

It was nice, and dry, enough this weekend just gone that I ventured for a solo hike up a local fell: Cunswick Scar.

Proper lovely summer’s day. ☀️

Lots more photos from this day, if you’re bored and got nowt to do -> 👍


We finally got a dry evening, so we head towards Sedbergh for a nice hike through Sedbergh’s meadows underneath the Howgills.

A brief bit of lovely evening light. Still work getting out.

More photos are available for your eyeballs here -> 👍

Hallo! 👋

Nowt blogworthy from me today. After Monday/Tuesday’s record-breaking heatwave, the rest of the week has been VERY wet. 🌦

Britain gets more tropical every year. 🌴

Here’s some snaps I managed to get on a dry period this morning. Hope you like ‘em. 🙂


We’re on the cusp of a record-breaking heatwave here in the UK. 🥵

Before it arrived, we woke up at 4am for a sunrise/early morning hike up to Walla Crag and its magnificent views.

Plenty more photos from this walk are available for your eyeballs here -> 👍

MOAR new work?! Yes, more!

Welcome to Bowderdale, one of the larger valleys of the Howgills. A secret treasure explored by few.

PLENTY more photos from this hike are available for your eyeballs here -> 👍

My images are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Support me here -> ❤️

Man alive, 2022 doesn’t let up.

Thankfully, I recently got a good bit of personal positive news, which I’ll holding onto protectively.

In any case, I found some time to enjoy a nice local hike. Into a storm. Ah well.

More photos waiting for you here -> 👍

Hallo! 👋

No blog post today, but I enjoyed a lovely evening waltz last night, just up to the castle and back. Had to take some photos, didn’t I?

Hope you like ‘em.


Something a little bit different from me this time: a lens review!

I managed to find a Vivitar “Series 1” 28–105mm f/2.8-3.8 in a charity shop. Thankfully, I can adapt and mount this to my Fujifilm X-T2, so I bought it and have been testing it out.

Here’s my findings: 👍

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