Did you know that I manage my blog, life admin, catalog and edit my photos ALL on an iPad?

I’ve been waiting for something like Capture One for iPad for so long. I’m glad to finally get an iPad-based RAW developer that can outperform Adobe’s apparent dominance.

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Hallo! 👋

No blog, just some fresh photos from a recent wander.

In fact, I took it as an opportunity to do some testing. Capture One for iPad has finally been released and I used it to develop these images.

I am ASTOUNDED at the image fidelity Capture One can get from my Fujifilm RAW files. They’ve successfully transitioned their desktop-class image processing pipeline to the iPad with a beautiful intuitive UI.

MOAR new work?! Yes, more!

Welcome to Bowderdale, one of the larger valleys of the Howgills. A secret treasure explored by few.

PLENTY more photos from this hike are available for your eyeballs here -> iancylkowski.com/blog/2022/6/2 👍

My images are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Support me here -> iancylkowski.com/support-me ❤️

@lotfi Vous devriez essayer pendant au moins une semaine de vacances dans le Lake District. Vous ne le regretterez pas. Souhaitez-vous un petit conseil? Visite en automne. Les couleurs sont incroyables. cc @occitanie

@mpmilestogo I’m growing and developing artistically, who’d have thought it?!

Man alive, 2022 doesn’t let up.

Thankfully, I recently got a good bit of personal positive news, which I’ll holding onto protectively.

In any case, I found some time to enjoy a nice local hike. Into a storm. Ah well.

More photos waiting for you here -> iancylkowski.com/blog/2022/6/1 👍

Hallo! 👋

No blog post today, but I enjoyed a lovely evening waltz last night, just up to the castle and back. Had to take some photos, didn’t I?

Hope you like ‘em.


@lohang Hey, thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

You can directly support me right here, if you wish iancylkowski.com/support-me

But also, people just sharing and commenting on my work really helps. ❤️

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