Question. When click on a tag I get a new column with the toots containing this tag. Say or

But, I see only hits from other mastodon instances, not from my local server.
So I don't see my own photo's, but also not the images from other users off, in this case,

Is this by design? Did I miss a setting or something?

@Jondor You should be able to see the posts from your own instance (as a matter of facts, I can see the posts from in my #photo column).

It seems like a federation problem. You should get in touch with your server admin to see what's what 😉

@n0m1s That's what I would expect. Of course I see the images in the local timeline, but I would also expect them in when searching for a tag.
I'll see what the local admin (@ambassador) says on the subject. Thanks!

I just uploaded an image as you can see in the home column and in the local timeline. After that I clicked on "" with the results in the thirth timeline.
No filters (i found that page in the settings, it's empty) and no muted accounts, especially not my own..;)

When paging through the column I simply find no image from my own instance.


@ambassador same result in the column only my photo now disappeared from the local timeline too..

@ambassador "disconnect" but it doesn't block anything on this server (there's only one connection between and

@ambassador everything is fairly clean and new as I'm somewhat new to mastodon. And other google+ refugee..

@ambassador actually if I look in the federated timeline I also see my toot on the bootstrap warning, but not the next on being clean and being new. Same for the local timeline.

@ambassador @hugo

No probs.. Being new I have no set expectations yet.. ;) Thanks!

@ambassador so it sounds that it’s not an instance problem.

@Jondor can you please test using another browser?

@hugo @ambassador Let's see what happens to this toot under firefox

@hugo @ambassador Two toots. One as a reply which doesn't show up anywhere, the other as a normal toot with public setting which shows in the local and federated timeline.

No security plugins here btw as I hardly use firefox other then when testing webdesigns.

@Jondor what reply can't you see? I see the "Let's see what happens to this toot under firefox" in your home timeline, as expected.

Was there another reply toot?


@hugo @ambassador No, but after a hard reload of the page it's gone from my timelines as is the photo with the magpie which i also posted with tags

@Jondor ok, let's do one step back and deal with one thing at a time.
Is there any reply missing? You mentioned, that one reply you doesn't show anywhere. Is that reply not in your home timeline?


@hugo @ambassador This reply I see as notification, but not in any other column.

@hugo @ambassador as you see your last two toots don't show up in my home column.

@Jondor that is normal, if a toot is a reply to you it will only show up in your notifications timeline. Not in your home timeline.

I know it is a bit confusing but the replies you send show up in the home timeline but when you receive it skips the home timeline and goes straight to the notification timeline.


@hugo @ambassador Oke, that's good.
But the original problem with which all started was that when I toot with a photo and tag this photo with an tag I expect to find it back when I click that tag.

Under the tag I just tooted an image with a magpie but when I click (search?) I only see photo's from 6 hours ago and older. Scrolling back I also don't find any of my older photos nor photos from other contacts on my instance.


@ambassador and btw this is exactly the same on my phone. The last is from the tokiyophotoclub

@hugo @ambassador No, there I see exactly the same as on the column. The last photo is the japanese building in orangy red from the tokyocamera club

@Jondor that's so strange.

One more test, if you go to
and type this full URL (https:// included) and press "agree and connect" do you get the magpie photo?


@hugo @ambassador and a toot with an unsharp magpie flying away. It shows on the local and federated timeline but not under or

@hugo @ambassador and after a hard reload all has dissappeared from all the timelines..

@Jondor what do you mean? nothing on the timelines now? @ambassador

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