Question. When click on a tag I get a new column with the toots containing this tag. Say or

But, I see only hits from other mastodon instances, not from my local server.
So I don't see my own photo's, but also not the images from other users off, in this case,

Is this by design? Did I miss a setting or something?

@Jondor You should be able to see the posts from your own instance (as a matter of facts, I can see the posts from in my #photo column).

It seems like a federation problem. You should get in touch with your server admin to see what's what 😉

@n0m1s That's what I would expect. Of course I see the images in the local timeline, but I would also expect them in when searching for a tag.
I'll see what the local admin (@ambassador) says on the subject. Thanks!

@Jondor @n0m1s We can see local toots in hash tag columns.

Do you have a filter setup anywhere or some of our accounts muted?

I just uploaded an image as you can see in the home column and in the local timeline. After that I clicked on "" with the results in the thirth timeline.
No filters (i found that page in the settings, it's empty) and no muted accounts, especially not my own..;)

When paging through the column I simply find no image from my own instance.

@Jondor Can you refresh the page / click "Back" then re-open the tag?

@ambassador same result in the column only my photo now disappeared from the local timeline too..

@Jondor That's very strange.

Are you using PrivacyBadger, uMatrix or similar tools?

@ambassador "disconnect" but it doesn't block anything on this server (there's only one connection between and

@ambassador everything is fairly clean and new as I'm somewhat new to mastodon. And other google+ refugee..

@Jondor I understand 🤗

I need to loop @hugo into this thread though.

We're using their hosting service and this is the first report of disappearing elements from TLs.

@hugo @Jondor yes, I see it on the local timeline and in the hashtag view

@ambassador so it sounds that it’s not an instance problem.

@Jondor can you please test using another browser?

@hugo @ambassador Two toots. One as a reply which doesn't show up anywhere, the other as a normal toot with public setting which shows in the local and federated timeline.

No security plugins here btw as I hardly use firefox other then when testing webdesigns.

@Jondor what reply can't you see? I see the "Let's see what happens to this toot under firefox" in your home timeline, as expected.

Was there another reply toot?


@hugo @ambassador No, but after a hard reload of the page it's gone from my timelines as is the photo with the magpie which i also posted with tags

@Jondor ok, let's do one step back and deal with one thing at a time.
Is there any reply missing? You mentioned, that one reply you doesn't show anywhere. Is that reply not in your home timeline?


@hugo @ambassador This reply I see as notification, but not in any other column.

@hugo @ambassador as you see your last two toots don't show up in my home column.

@Jondor that is normal, if a toot is a reply to you it will only show up in your notifications timeline. Not in your home timeline.

I know it is a bit confusing but the replies you send show up in the home timeline but when you receive it skips the home timeline and goes straight to the notification timeline.



@ambassador and btw this is exactly the same on my phone. The last is from the tokiyophotoclub

@hugo @ambassador No, there I see exactly the same as on the column. The last photo is the japanese building in orangy red from the tokyocamera club

@Jondor that's so strange.

One more test, if you go to
and type this full URL (https:// included) and press "agree and connect" do you get the magpie photo?



@hugo yeah, there it is and also all the other toots and some other photo's since, by now, the 8 hours ago orangy photo from tokiyo

@Jondor so there is something on your internet connection that is stopping the full timeline. I have no idea what that could be (firewall, antivirus, vpn...) something in your internet connection is causing the problem.

@hugo Weird indeed as it's not only from my current session at home, under linux, but I started this and asked from work under windows 10 using a completely different internet link and provider.

So the only thing in common between both systems is the use of chrome and that we're both in Enschede, the Netherlands.

@Jondor then it’s even stranger is it the same ISP for both internet connections?

@hugo No, I'm on the glass from, the name of the provider of my work I can't remember for the moment, but they are an other big provider.

If there would be something they had in common it would be the main hub in Amsterdam connect both to the rest of the world. There are (afaik) as seperated as they can be on internet..

@hugo does the protocol behind mastodon use different ports besides 80 or 433?

@hugo and an other big different is that I'm full ipv6 here and my work adres is still only ipv4

@hugo maybe I try to make an second account on a different instance to see if that makes a difference.

Anyhow, thanks for the support and if anything pops up I'm more than willing to try things.. no probs

@Jondor I really can’t think on what more to suggest you to try. I don’t the problem is with the account since on the public tags page it also happens and I don’t think it’s the instance because there are thousands of users under the same setup and this problem only happens to you.

I will see if something crosses my mind and please do let me know if you find something.

@hugo I fully understand, not reproducable makes it very hard to find the source of the problem.

Nevertheless, many thanks for the effort and the support!

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