ayes, the last photo under which I see is from 8 hours ago. Before that time things seemed to work for showing images from other instances.

The vpn version also shows photos from other instances which I also don't see on my column. So it's not only the images from my own instance (photog) which I don't see.

@ambassador @hugo
Not silly, but as I never use firefox it's as clean as can be. No addons, no extentions. I didn't even bother to load my bookmarks there yet.

@ambassador @hugo I asked on of my contacts if he can check if he has the same problem.

@ambassador @hugo and he does, so it's really something on my side..

@ambassador @Jondor yes, please do let us know if you find something.

I would still test the VPN just to make sure that it’s an connectivity issue.

@ambassador @hugo but I purged it and reinstalled it on my system. No change. The last is from 9 hours ago for the rest it looks the same as under chrome.

@Jondor you could try using a vpn, I bet it will work via vpn

@hugo yeah, but that feels like a defeat doesn't it?

@hugo Not really. I'm now supposed to come from "Your IP is:
Belongs to Webair Internet Development Company Inc."
in the USA and still exactly the same I see locally.

@Jondor hummm you connected via two different routers before right? One from work and one from home, right?

@Jondor do you have mobile data on your photo that you could try and disable the phone WiFi and retry with mobile data on the smartphone?

@Jondor @hugo maybe the person who posted that picture has blocked you? Have you tried logging out?

@Wraptile Thanks, the problem has been solved in that I, when starting with Mastodon, selected a language filter on Dutch. This works somewhat, but not completely as I saw toots in English and Japanse. Hence it never occurred to me that this could be the issue.

Anyhow, unsetting this setting solved my issue.

Thanks for helping in trying to solve my issue.. Much appriciated!

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