@Matt @filmhotdog
Just to show off my pinhole contraption and some of the results made with it on a Minolta dynax 7D. For a-mount only! For the right price it can be yours.. ! ;-D

@Jondor @Matt Gotta smooth out that foil! hahaha I haven't done 35mm or digital pinhole but I heard the pinhole has to get closer to the film/sensor then the body cap allows. If you haven't heard of them before there is a great pinhole podcast called "the lensless podcast" it's a weekly podcast and a good listen.

@filmhotdog @matt Hmm.. so I should make a bigger hole in the cap and insert a tube which then has the foil with the hole so I can adjust the distance from the sensor.
That's a project I actually could do... !

@Jondor @matt I think something more like this photo. The closer the pinhole the wider the image and the more light that hits the film/sensor.

@filmhotdog the hole in that one is at least round. Didn't dare to show the backsite of mine..
But if closer to the sensor is mostly for get more light, then that shouldn't to be to much of an issue?! Depending on the camera you can go quite hight with the iso. The pictures I posted were all with iso400..

@Jondor Yeah mostly to get a wider image and more light, but one can only get so close without hitting the mirror on a SLR unless it has MLU or is mirrorless.

@filmhotdog My current sony is mirrorless..
It's great, I also don't really have to guess doing a long expose... And manual focusing is easy..

@Jondor @Matt @filmhotdog

I didn't make my own but bought one from ebay like this one

It works, not sure just what I was expecting. This is a shot using it of the building across the street from me

f stop 167 - Angle of View 46.6 degrees

@youcantoo Its very reminiscent of an image taken with a zone plate. It has a nice glow and softness to it.

@youcantoo @Matt @filmhotdog As far as the quality goes it's comparable with my monstrosity, which isn't weird as it's more or less the same system. A nice photo though with a nice vintage touch to it..

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