Question: on my wordpress site I've been playing around with some mastodon plugins which would make it a node in the fediverse. At this moment, and since a few days, I've turned the plugin off as for some reason the node does no longer disappear from here when I change or disable the plugin.
so, @admin gives an 404 as the paths don't exist, but still appears when searched for.
Caching issue? Waiting for a timeout? Something else? @ambassador Anyone?

to be more precise, search for @admin and click on the avatar to see more info. It redirects to a path which is no longer available

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@ambassador as it was all experimental, the site has no followers beside myself (which I unfollowed).
I never announced the existence so I'm sure it's something I did.
As it's a wordpress site with the Pterotype plugin there's no logs that I'm awear of.

It's just that the plugin has been removed, reinstalled etc. But being there or not doesn't change the fact that when I search for it here, it's still found and redirects to a page with a json 404. Hence the caching question...

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