This weekend, for the first time since a long, long time, I've been developing my own film.

The last time being some 22 years ago. Anyhow, the image were shot on kodak tmax 400, using my RB67 and developed with Rodinal. And for a first try in such a long time, I'm fairly happy.

The other images you can find at

Comments are more than welcome!

@Jondor - very nice tonality.

You shot film and I shot digital. Sometimes it is nice to return to the darkside, or is it the light-side..?

@matt The other side..;) I do both. Why choose?!


@Jondor This is what I said. Although I tend to only shoot digital to record random moments and keep film for more thoughtful occasions ;)

@matt with only 10 images per film (in my case) one better be thoughtful..;)

@Jondor - Indeed.

I also shoot with an Mamiya RZ67 and a C220. My 35mm is now all with a Minolta SRT101 and a Leica IIIc.

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