In my daily life I'm an IT guy, especially webdesign and while this got a bit on the back-burner these days, I still develope sites and plugins for WordPress.
Combined with the recent restart of my film developing hobby and the idea that it was time to learn how to deal with Gutenberg blocks, I've spend the last few days some time to develop my first "block" which shows the info from a "Massive Dev Chart' recipe on my site.

The general idea is that this is combined with the resulting photo's not unlike the "exif" info sometimes presented with digital images.

As this is a super-niche plugin I was wondering if this is of interest for anybody but myself.
So for now the resultscan be seenon my site under the photo's at

Mouse over "Massive dev chart info" en enjoy!

Comments are welcome!

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@Jondor - I can see it being of use, if you're a Wordpress user.

But, did you really use 120mm film for those images..? 😉

@matt Good point.. ;-) Having 36mm in mind I just threw the "mm" behind it, but indeed, not good.
Does make me wonder where the 120 does come from..

@Jondor - though I understand there has been a 120mm film format

@Jondor it was the naming convention used by Kodak - this was the 20th film in the line. I read this information recently while researching folding cameras. I'll see if I can find it again.

35mm is actually named 135, so was the 35th film format.

@matt I did find some info but no real reason for the "120". Guess it was just an internal "name" at Kodak.

@Jondor - it also relates to specific cameras at the time hence the naming of those also ie;620, 616 etc

@matt of course then the next question is where does the 220 film name come from.. ;-)
The 120th film? Oh well.. Guess one can make a study from that subject alone!

@Jondor - it was to do with the size of the negative ie. the 1st number was related to negative size and the 2nd set was related to the emulsion sequence...

@matt That makes it clear.. Just a number. Will remove the "mm" tomorrow as I have only the compressed version here. Thanks!

@Jondor I think you have good addition for your site, should be useful for others running Wordpress.

I would use it if I could, but I have to use Markdown to style my posts with Write-As. 😃

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