As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a Wordpress plugin to show the "massive dev chart" data on a wordpress website using the Gutenberg editor.

If you're interested, a first beta version is available on my site:


@Jondor - I'm wondering whether under Agitation Schema you might indicate as:

Twizzle Stick

The reason I suggest is that I have always found Inversions to be too much when using Rodinal and use a more gentle method (Twizzle Stick) in order to minimise grain.

@matt The info as such is determined by the app. That's a given. But there's a notes field for all the extra's.

In my case in a later version the reminder to pre-soak and to use the Ilford method of washing.
As for the agitation I fall back to my tai-chi exercises.. Easy and smooth..;-)

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