I was just watching this video on youtube about "should images be sharp" (youtube.com/watch?v=G8ZLlPY19u)
and started to wonder. His example photo is a bit soft also due to age and analog technology. But still, can I get away with more obvious unsharpness and still have a photo which evokes an other feeling besides "he shouldn't.. really!"

So here's an unsharp photo and my question, could I get away with it.. ;-)

It's a rainy day in the Netherlands. Luckily that comes with opportunities too.. ;-)

As I'm lucky to see the sunset out of the window of my workspace, I have a whole series of "out of my window" sunsets from which this is the latest..


The last thing I saw before I passed out...

(nah, not really, but that's the feeling this image gives me.. ;)

What to say about this image?! It's in color for one and it's more about the form in the shadow which throws one off for a moment.

Years ago, when I was learning how to process my images I also played along on a site called 1000words.com as they had contests in photo manipulation.

This is one of my favorite entries

An other day, an other photo. And for some reason I like to show a "bit different" images here.

With all the talking I almost forget to share an image too on occasion. Here I liked the contrast of the single white tree against the dark background..

In the days of yore we made photograms by putting stuff on photographic paper in the darkroom, expose it to light and develop it.
Nowadays we don't need those chemicals anymore as you can do exactly the same using a filmscanner... Light shines from above through the object and the result is alike.

@Matt @filmhotdog
Just to show off my pinhole contraption and some of the results made with it on a Minolta dynax 7D. For a-mount only! For the right price it can be yours.. ! ;-D

ayes, the last photo under which I see is from 8 hours ago. Before that time things seemed to work for showing images from other instances.

The vpn version also shows photos from other instances which I also don't see on my column. So it's not only the images from my own instance (photog) which I don't see.

it the last photo with bird was on my home column, the local timeline and in the federated timeline. After the reload they are all gone as if this was just some local javascript thing.

Searching in the or tags they don't show up either.

The goose in our local pond was rather curious. It was swimming up and down in front of the camera with a look as if asking "you do take me from my good side, do you"?

The previous photo's were film and medium format, today, for a change, an image which is a little more mainstream as in what I normally do photograph. Nature, in all it's digital 24Mbit splendor.

Besides my RB67 I've also used my old Asahi Pentax once again last year. Besides some issues with the mirror which were solved with a drip of oil (mechanical camera's! ;) and the fact that the battery for the light-meter are no longer sold it still worked fine.
As the model is from 1963 (and the camera was at least 3th had when I bought it around my 12/13th birthday) it's as old as I am and still going strong.. Like it's owner..;))

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic, 50mm/1.8 on kodak tmax 100

On of the "quirks" of the original RB67 is the overcomplicated way to go to the next exposure:
Unlock, forward film, turn mirror down.
Then CHECK is there's indeed a new exposure.
Of course, never having to deal with this in such a way, it often goes wrong, resulting in a double exposure.
But as I liked the result it goes to fotofail as well as photograpy

Mamiya RB67, Fujichrome Provia 100F

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