Some more spring 2020. Confined to the house and there's not a lot yet in the garden..


Long time ago, I was around 16, I bought my first camera. An asahi pentax spotmatic with a super-Takumar 55mm 1.8 lens.
I was young and didn't know... didn't appreciate.
Fast forward (in more than one way) till today. I ran into an article singing praise of vintage lenses and the takumar 55mm. I have a converter m42 to a-mount so here's the result from two test-shots. very sharp and the colors give me a vintage feel..

Let's throw one in for the photofail
This is what happens using an very wide angle lens and a suncap (36mm on medium format RB67)

And after this, enough mushrooms for this year.. Around here it more of the same. Time for the trees to color so I can focus on those beautiful autumncolors

And before i forget, two more images with Ilford panf plus 50. I'm still a bit struggling with the dof on a medium format camera (RB67) but the result is presentable..;-)
The second image can be found at

A few hours in two nature reserves with a bunch of mushroom photo's as result. Here's one, the rest can be found at

And now for something completely different...
As I had to get up early this morning (4am) to get my family to the train, I couldn't resist the temptation to try some night-photography afterwards.
Just one result.

A rainy day in Enschede. But even then there are nice shots to be made.
The whole series (oh well, 3 images for now) you can find here:

Yesterday was a beautyful day for photography. Especially closeups of mushrooms and flowers.
For the whole series follow the link..;)

It had been some time that I saw an interesting sky out of my window, but today I got one.. Nice sunset on a day which weatherwise didn't know what it wanted..

This weekend, for the first time since a long, long time, I've been developing my own film.

The last time being some 22 years ago. Anyhow, the image were shot on kodak tmax 400, using my RB67 and developed with Rodinal. And for a first try in such a long time, I'm fairly happy.

The other images you can find at

Comments are more than welcome!

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