@itdm5j21 I find the rawpedia very readable,, but as Christopher wrote, pixls.us for discussions.
Thanks for reminding me of the existence or RawTherapee. it had been some time since i've looked at it, using DarkTable normaly. Time to look in to it once again.. Looks good!

"The Holy See itself mainly uses Latin for its most important official documents, which are published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis."


Besides, as my son studied Latin for school, it's mostly given as a puzzel to solve instead of as a language to use and speak.

@itdm5j21 Oh well, it doesn;t feel like a domainname which is quickly bought up by somebody else. With a little luck it's available if you ever change your mind..
And otherwise, depending how you feel about brexit, there's always the .eu version where more names are still available.. ;-)

@itdm5j21 In that case I must have been one of your last visitors..;) 't was a nice site..

@oroboros While impressive I prever the b&w image.. Great shot!

While working on this image I thought to make the rays of light a little more pronounced, but didn't as it felt a bit too much.
Now, seeing the image on other screens there's hardly any rays left. Guess I have to give it a second go..

An other addition to my "Out of my window" series..

@Mopsi Historically grown that way. Religious parties used to have (and still have somewhat) a great influence in the goverment.

Personally I don't really care, as a governmental worker there's usually a voting station in the same building. Just park my bike, vote and go up to my office..;)

Of course voting in Sunday would have a political implication too as the once who feel they may hardly breath on Sunday shouldn't vote anymore..;)

@Mopsi Sure, Wednesday as in the Netherlands voting on a Sunday is still a no-no.

@rtwx Can set it, but between setting it in Darktable and actually having a final image it gets lost.

@rtwx also have issues with profiles under linux.

My camera does adobe RGB, so I told Darktable to save it as such.
Gimp then doesn't understand and makes it sRGB. Afaik this all has to do with the way this info is stored in Exif. Anyhow, to make a long story short, it doesn't seem to be possible to keep the right profile using Darktable, Gimp and digikam. Or at least, I haven't found it yet.

@rtwx Ah, I understood that you ran darktable on a friends system. In that case, it shouldn't make a difference beside ambient light and angle of viewing.

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