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@youcantoo Nice shot.. I would turn it into B&W though as the geese are already monochrome and you would get rid of the color noise in the sky.

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Time for a little promotion..;)
Might you or other be interested, I also wrote a number of plugins for the site. Showing some basic exif, a map if you use GPS exif, wikipedia info connected to a post,and a bunch for admin tools to make the working with photography easier.
All depending on the needs and setup of course (the easier part..;)

See gerhardhoogterp.nl/2018/06/20/ for an example for the userside of things,

Search for the keyword "Phototools"

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@ChristopherMarkPerez thanks, in that case I'll keep an open eye for a newer back.. Thanks!

Maybe one of you know, are alle the backs for the Mamiya RB series interchangeable?
I know the RZ series backs don't fit, but I'm wondering if I can find me a newer (and less errorprone in use) back for the RB67

Ran into this video. Sound like a doable project and I actually have almost all the parts.. Thought to share it for the other "build yourself" ppl here too


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@IanCykowski that small red dot in the middle is a climber?
Great image!

nah.. maybe a tat to much negative space but it was fun and quirky. Not everything can be a masterpiece but it invoked some curiosity on my part so well done..;-)

@Trip35 A nice, non disturbing (that is, it doesn't ruin the photo) watermark. Just make sure that the background is mixed, lighter or darker than the watermark.

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My stepmom "complained" that I sometimes write stuff in the family messenger group that she doesn't understand.
Further questioning revealed that it took her a long time to figure out the ";)" I sometimes make. My sister "But that's just a smiley!", Stepmom "But there are those colorful smiley faces for that!"
Here I am, officially too old school.

@Mopsi conventional wisdom is that the horizon should be horizontal in normal cases.
And in this, once you see the horizon being crooked, one cannot unsee this, so I would go with the first one with the horizontal horizon.
Beautiful stary night btw!.

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