@Mopsi recognizable and it makes me very happy with online shops so I can just pick things up from a delivery point whenever I have time.

Anyhow, just wondered if I screwed up with my "advise" .;-)

@Mopsi Reminds me, did you get anything useful or didn't you have time for this yet?

@matt detail is everywhere, it's just a matter of seeing it (and carry around a tripod and a macro lens..;) For me it's really the lack of grande vista's.
Yeah, lucky you.. But we have to do with what's available..

@matt true, they are very nice and I do have a few which come close, but the landscapes too..

Regretfully I struggle to find inspiring landscapes in my neck of the woods.
Everything here's so organised and tidied up. Would love to live in the neighborhood of your lake district or close to some rough shores.. Alas..

@matt Very beautiful and the kind of images I would love to be able to make...

@matt The info as such is determined by the app. That's a given. But there's a notes field for all the extra's.

In my case in a later version the reminder to pre-soak and to use the Ilford method of washing.
As for the agitation I fall back to my tai-chi exercises.. Easy and smooth..;-)

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a Wordpress plugin to show the "massive dev chart" data on a wordpress website using the Gutenberg editor.

If you're interested, a first beta version is available on my site:



@entuall It's a nice program. Personally I only find it a pity that they put a lot of effort into an "edit" option which doesn't come close to Gimp, Krita or one of the RAW tools like darktable or RawTherapee..
That being said, it;s a great tool for managing images.

@matt That makes it clear.. Just a number. Will remove the "mm" tomorrow as I have only the compressed version here. Thanks!

@matt of course then the next question is where does the 220 film name come from.. ;-)
The 120th film? Oh well.. Guess one can make a study from that subject alone!

@matt I did find some info but no real reason for the "120". Guess it was just an internal "name" at Kodak.

@entuall Digikam and rawtherapee can both handle this.
I use Digikam.

@matt Good point.. ;-) Having 36mm in mind I just threw the "mm" behind it, but indeed, not good.
Does make me wonder where the 120 does come from..

The general idea is that this is combined with the resulting photo's not unlike the "exif" info sometimes presented with digital images.

As this is a super-niche plugin I was wondering if this is of interest for anybody but myself.
So for now the resultscan be seenon my site under the photo's at


Mouse over "Massive dev chart info" en enjoy!

Comments are welcome!

In my daily life I'm an IT guy, especially webdesign and while this got a bit on the back-burner these days, I still develope sites and plugins for WordPress.
Combined with the recent restart of my film developing hobby and the idea that it was time to learn how to deal with Gutenberg blocks, I've spend the last few days some time to develop my first "block" which shows the info from a "Massive Dev Chart' recipe on my site.

of course.. neither would paying attention to the sides and corners.
It was (in retrospect) obvious, even in a waistfinder.. Oh well :-)
lets hope my batch of portraits does better today.

Let's throw one in for the photofail
This is what happens using an very wide angle lens and a suncap (36mm on medium format RB67)

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