@LiMe_D Always happy when people like my photo's.. Thanks!

Some more spring 2020. Confined to the house and there's not a lot yet in the garden..


@Matt after years of gentoo I got bored of endless compiling so it's kubuntu these days.
I don't really care as long as it's apt based and not rpm.

@navnav In my case both. Digital for the composition and arts and analogue for the technique. Of course there's a lot of overlap..;-)

@Mopsi On the positive side, that's one mistake you're not going to make a second time... ;)

@matt argh! according to the wife I'm a bit blue green challenged.. Better fix that..;)

@kemonine In that case I can only say that I can't wait to see the first results. ;-)

@kemonine that 500mb means you have your resolution probably way to high. Some online research learned me that the scanner it's native resolution is somewhere around the 1560ppi Every thing above gives a bigger file but no extra detail. You can set this custom or choose a value in the neighborhood. This should give files from 3.6Mpixels (all this accourding to filmscanner.info/en/EpsonPerfe)

Anyhow, there's a lot of info online as it's a popular printer. Enjoy!

@kemonine @rtwx that's also an excuses for exercise. While I'm also going to the gym I would prefer a home made wire tripod.
A screw to connect the camera and a round wire, long enough to go around your feet to make a triangle in which the camera is pulled stable.

Make sure the wire is thick enough no to get easily entangled and usable camera screws I see on wish.com.

a variation you can see at digitalcameraworld.com/tutoria

@rtwx @kemonine Depends among things, on the lens.
I've done handheld without flash or tripod on the light-festival according to the old rule 1/focal length. so 1/50th was more than fast enough on a 28mm lens (even times 1.5 for aps-c) and sure the image stabilization helped too. Somewhat ;-)

@kemonine That's what I do. Digital for speed and color, RB67 for fun and b&w and my phone for streetphotography..;).
A v600 and vuescan is what I use too. Nice and affordable setup for scanning medium format negatives.

As for developing. It's easy and fun and it takes the turn-around from 2 weeks to half an hour plus some time for drying, which for me is the ideal compromise between slow and digital.. ;)

@kemonine as long as you measure your light the right way there's not that much that can go wrong.
And only seeing the results later is part of the appeal. Taking the "speed" out of the proces.
Good luck!

@kemonine btw. B&W is easier. Color is already divided in daylight/inside and/or positive (dia) or negative film with E6 development for positive and C41 for negative (I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong)

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