@youcantoo not mend as negative or smt btw.... Since you took it offline... It looked cool.

@PrisonHipster Advanced hacking: Typing on the glassplate of a bunch of scanners.. ;-)

Continuing on my zine quest I've created a first Photography zine: "People, doing everyday things"


The content is viewable on the site and a printed version can be found on etsy, comments are more than welcome as this is a first try...

@hatebunny Tasteful nudes, and for what it's worth, my flowers are undressed too.. ;-)
Just keep up the good work!

@youcantoo nice work and the focus of the last image is full on.
I guess you worked inside or on a windless day? As movement by even the slightest of wind is usually an issue with closeups .

Only the contrast on the resulting image is a bit high for my taste. Nevertheless nice work.

@youcantoo They seem to work quite well although the colors of the buds behind the bee seem to have a slight issue with the colors?
Nice photo's too, especially the first three.

@Vyllibh ayes, zine instructions. of course there are a lot of other things.. The pages and what's on them for starters... ;-) This is only to make sure that they are printed in the right order. Filling pages is the next step!

@Vyllibh Thanks.
Yeah, contrast.
Gritty.. Which I like for streetphotography and to hide that the camera in my phone isn't the best. Mostly a matter of taste.
There are also some B&W in the plants (sony A65) and the landscape (film, mamiya RB67) categories with a more acceptable contrast. ;-)


So if you want to give a zine a go too, it’s to be found here for your booklet induced emergencies. Enjoy! I'm off to step two: Learning Scribus for designing the booklet.


For some reason I run into information about making your own zine.
To simplify the production of such a booklet (in my case I opt for an A4, double sided booklet) The pages have to be printed in the right order and as I like to understand the system behind the ordering I wrote myself some minor piece of code which translates a number of sheets into the right order for pages to be printed.

Btw, did I mention that I updated and simplified my website? It's more a portfolio now. If you feel like taking a look, comments are welcome ;-)

Bees aside, there was an other plant with flowers too.. Thisone is my summer wallpaper voor the time being. I personally love the colors...

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