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@filmhotdog Exciting times! How do you expose x-ray film?
Just like normal film and hope for the ambient x-days which are surely there? Or with special filters alike infrared and the like?

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@matt @Mopsi @itdm5j21
Funny Peter McKinnon had exactly the same suggestion today as an way to get out of an photographic Rut:

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@Jondor @Mopsi @itdm5j21 - an exercise for digital shooters:

Replace your 64GB SD card with a older 4 - 16MB card and shoot as if you were using film with limited exposures...

@ChristopherMarkPerez Like the sea with the boat.. the endless horizon.. nice shot!

@youcantoo nicely done, but here the lack of a shadow gives a feel that the egg is glued onto the rest of the image.
As the main light comes from above, there should be some shadow under the floating egg.
That said, nicely done!

@Mopsi Any prices for guessing who she's annoyed with? ;)

@Mopsi Hmm.. the church in this series and the chimney in the previous has a white spot on the left side on more or less the same location?! Something on the lens?

I like the bridge! It has a nice dynamic feel to it..

@Mopsi @itdm5j21 I think that's one of the advantages of digital, that it's easy to take the best out of a number of brackets. Personally I don't like the extreme HDR, but a little to get some detail in the sky when photographing agains the light..
Regretfully it's a little less easy (I think) with scanned negatives... So it's searching for the optimal exposure..

With all the talking I almost forget to share an image too on occasion. Here I liked the contrast of the single white tree against the dark background..

@matt @itdm5j21 @ambassador @tsturm @filmhotdog Or, this year and in my case, the lonely mushrooms in a mushroomless environment (it was a bad year!)

I see what you mean. With a little fantasy you can even make up a story about a black dot on a white background (polarbear in the snow as the joke goes..;)
Still think it a bit much honor for some of my images where the story isn't much more than it was there and I liked it.. But you definitely have a point.

@matt @itdm5j21 @ambassador @tsturm @filmhotdog I think that depends on the kind of photography you're interested in. Mushrooms, nature and macro (some of my topics) don't have much story and are more registration and presentation. While streetphotography and portraits are more relateable story-wise.

@itdm5j21 @matt @ambassador @tsturm @filmhotdog Ah, you had the luxury package.. Motordrive.. I remember drooling over the advertisements of motordrives..;)

Still, the gist of my remark was more that a lot of ppl didn't grow up with film and don't know better than to click away. From that group there's a subgroup which makes a selection and from that subgroup there's a subsub group which takes the time to postprocess. Of course if you did post in the darkroom you probably do it digital too.

@Mopsi @filmhotdog @itdm5j21 @matt @ambassador @tsturm I started analog too.. This was far before I build my first computer, let alone digital camera's.
But I came back to it because of the quietness, the slowness and the "taking your time" of analog.
Starting with analog I never became a "many shots" photographer: "think first, shoot later" was strongly ingrained in my process, but quick results helped in improving my technique.
My filosophy for this and many other things: walk before run.

@ambassador @matt @itdm5j21 Point in case for treated discussion... I have no idea which toot you're reacting to here.. ;)

@matt @itdm5j21 @ambassador Guess for a lot of people there isn't much process anymore these days.
Where you had to think and to be careful with your 10 - 36 exposures, nowadays you just click away and sort through the results later (or not and just dump the whole lot online).
That's one other thing I like here. The number of ppl who are also still working with vintage camera's, film or techniques like pinhole.
So much more than only showing of a nice picture and hoping for likes.

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