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Finally some half decent weather and something as a subject.. Pity there was a lot of wind.. But still..

New life 2019!

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Time for a little promotion..;)
Might you or other be interested, I also wrote a number of plugins for the site. Showing some basic exif, a map if you use GPS exif, wikipedia info connected to a post,and a bunch for admin tools to make the working with photography easier.
All depending on the needs and setup of course (the easier part..;)

See for an example for the userside of things,

Search for the keyword "Phototools"

Maybe one of you know, are alle the backs for the Mamiya RB series interchangeable?
I know the RZ series backs don't fit, but I'm wondering if I can find me a newer (and less errorprone in use) back for the RB67

Ran into this video. Sound like a doable project and I actually have almost all the parts.. Thought to share it for the other "build yourself" ppl here too

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My stepmom "complained" that I sometimes write stuff in the family messenger group that she doesn't understand.
Further questioning revealed that it took her a long time to figure out the ";)" I sometimes make. My sister "But that's just a smiley!", Stepmom "But there are those colorful smiley faces for that!"
Here I am, officially too old school.

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目付きが悪いと損だと思う 笑


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Question, does anyone know what mastadon is looking for in a page to show an status-card__image?

My fuzzy tree photo from 500px is included with an overlay with "show or go" options.
When I include an url from my own site in the same way I just adds an url.


I assume that there's an piece of metadata responsible, but ....

Anybody in the know who has an idea?

I was just watching this video on youtube about "should images be sharp" (
and started to wonder. His example photo is a bit soft also due to age and analog technology. But still, can I get away with more obvious unsharpness and still have a photo which evokes an other feeling besides "he shouldn't.. really!"

So here's an unsharp photo and my question, could I get away with it.. ;-)

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It's a rainy day in the Netherlands. Luckily that comes with opportunities too.. ;-)

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As I'm lucky to see the sunset out of the window of my workspace, I have a whole series of "out of my window" sunsets from which this is the latest..

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