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Did I mention I also do streetphotography? Mostly while on vacation as my hometown is rather boring in this aspect.
For the results I use my instagram account:

The "streetwise" used to be a separate website, but this is easier.. and as more or less all photo's are made on my phone.. Enjoy!

Just went for an ice cream and appearantly the local team manages to win something.. I'm not really into soccer but oh well.. It gave me a chance for a little streetphotography. Usually little is happening around here..

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While cleaning up I find more images which I never processed in their time but which I now think are acceptable.

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#東京カメラ部 #tokyocameraclub #photography #mastodon #mstdn #山陰 #earthshadow #地球影 #大山 #mtdaisen #鳥取県

An image from a few years ago which I came across while cleaning up some folders with photo's. (throwing unused jpgs where I still have the raws anyhow, and raw which are unusable. Making space..)

Yeah! It's finally spring and the tulips are ready for tip-toeing.. ;)

Finally some half decent weather and something as a subject.. Pity there was a lot of wind.. But still..

New life 2019!

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Time for a little promotion..;)
Might you or other be interested, I also wrote a number of plugins for the site. Showing some basic exif, a map if you use GPS exif, wikipedia info connected to a post,and a bunch for admin tools to make the working with photography easier.
All depending on the needs and setup of course (the easier part..;)

See for an example for the userside of things,

Search for the keyword "Phototools"

Maybe one of you know, are alle the backs for the Mamiya RB series interchangeable?
I know the RZ series backs don't fit, but I'm wondering if I can find me a newer (and less errorprone in use) back for the RB67

Ran into this video. Sound like a doable project and I actually have almost all the parts.. Thought to share it for the other "build yourself" ppl here too

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