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While working on this image I thought to make the rays of light a little more pronounced, but didn't as it felt a bit too much.
Now, seeing the image on other screens there's hardly any rays left. Guess I have to give it a second go..

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An other addition to my "Out of my window" series..

to be more precise, search for @admin and click on the avatar to see more info. It redirects to a path which is no longer available

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Question: on my wordpress site I've been playing around with some mastodon plugins which would make it a node in the fediverse. At this moment, and since a few days, I've turned the plugin off as for some reason the node does no longer disappear from here when I change or disable the plugin.
so, @admin gives an 404 as the paths don't exist, but still appears when searched for.
Caching issue? Waiting for a timeout? Something else? @ambassador Anyone?

Did I mention I also do streetphotography? Mostly while on vacation as my hometown is rather boring in this aspect.
For the results I use my instagram account:

The "streetwise" used to be a separate website, but this is easier.. and as more or less all photo's are made on my phone.. Enjoy!

Just went for an ice cream and appearantly the local team manages to win something.. I'm not really into soccer but oh well.. It gave me a chance for a little streetphotography. Usually little is happening around here..

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While cleaning up I find more images which I never processed in their time but which I now think are acceptable.

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#東京カメラ部 #tokyocameraclub #photography #mastodon #mstdn #山陰 #earthshadow #地球影 #大山 #mtdaisen #鳥取県

An image from a few years ago which I came across while cleaning up some folders with photo's. (throwing unused jpgs where I still have the raws anyhow, and raw which are unusable. Making space..)

Yeah! It's finally spring and the tulips are ready for tip-toeing.. ;)

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