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A rainy day in Enschede. But even then there are nice shots to be made.
The whole series (oh well, 3 images for now) you can find here:

Yesterday was a beautyful day for photography. Especially closeups of mushrooms and flowers.
For the whole series follow the link..;)

It had been some time that I saw an interesting sky out of my window, but today I got one.. Nice sunset on a day which weatherwise didn't know what it wanted..

#3/2 ps.
Search for and you find at least 4, no longer working users on that node.

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And why don't nodes disappear from the network after some time? When a node would come up again it would add itself as if it was the first time. And toots and or profiles which only give a 404 are of no use to anyone..

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A question for the devs.
I've been experimenting with the WordPress plugins for hooking my site up into the fediverse. So far so good, but as a result my "node" now has a number of accounts which no long point to anything else than a 404 page.

Hoping that the network would be smart enough to drop servers which would have a 404 after enough time. But, half a year laters the node and accounts are still there.


This weekend, for the first time since a long, long time, I've been developing my own film.

The last time being some 22 years ago. Anyhow, the image were shot on kodak tmax 400, using my RB67 and developed with Rodinal. And for a first try in such a long time, I'm fairly happy.

The other images you can find at

Comments are more than welcome!

Continuing on my zine quest I've created a first Photography zine: "People, doing everyday things"

The content is viewable on the site and a printed version can be found on etsy, comments are more than welcome as this is a first try...

So if you want to give a zine a go too, it’s to be found here for your booklet induced emergencies. Enjoy! I'm off to step two: Learning Scribus for designing the booklet.

For some reason I run into information about making your own zine.
To simplify the production of such a booklet (in my case I opt for an A4, double sided booklet) The pages have to be printed in the right order and as I like to understand the system behind the ordering I wrote myself some minor piece of code which translates a number of sheets into the right order for pages to be printed.

Btw, did I mention that I updated and simplified my website? It's more a portfolio now. If you feel like taking a look, comments are welcome ;-)

Bees aside, there was an other plant with flowers too.. Thisone is my summer wallpaper voor the time being. I personally love the colors...

And then, while I was quietly composing and focussing there was this bee who was hungery. Love the detail in the wings..

Flower! It has been some time since I've done flowers, but then I ran into this one.. Hope you like it!

A corner in the Panaghia Kapnikarea church in Athens.
I liked the color and the whole feel of it.

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