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By the way, you can view and download all photos I upload here and more in full resolution on

Heya federation!
Sønderborg finally has something resembling a skyscraper, so now you can take shots from above!
Here: The Alsion.


I currently have a Nikon D5300 with two lenses (18-55mm with AF, 28-200mm without AF), both with different diameters. I'm looking to upgrade to a mirrorless in 2 years or so, probably with a sony-sensor.

Considering I'll have to ditch my current lenses, accessorizes and such anyways, does it still make sense to invest into eg. UV filters and such for my current gear?

By the way, you can view and download all photos I upload here and more in full resolution on

Alright, two more, then it's enough.

I was at the top of the gasometer in Oberhausen for this one and had a beautiful view - except, it was so hazy, none of the photos I took looked anywhere near good.

However, turning them B+W and playing with the contrast at least made it look halfway interesting, abeit for perhaps the wrong reasons. Looks more like a WWII picture than anything else...

As said before - the lens I mostly used this trip was one where the autofocus wasn't working. This resulted in a lot of images, all of which are ever so slighly out-of-focus, because I don't really have a way to perfectly focus anything without a tripod, a split prism or, indeed, autofocus.
At least it's not too visible if you don't enlarge it too much, and I did get some practice framing stuff, so: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
, but also:

* It felt like I didn't have that many opportunities to take pictures this time, but somehow ended up with nearly 1k.
* 15% of that is trying to take pictures of birds that won't sit still.
* All of this still comfortably fits onto a single SDHC card. JPEG, fine, 6kx4k. Maybe I should switch to RAW one of these days, but the added hassle of huge files + incompatibilities doesn't seem worth it yet.
* Google Photos actually has quite a decent basic editor, even if its AI doesn't work.

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Things I learned on my recent holidays:
* Having a 24-200mm lens is awesome. You can do basically anything with it.
* That said lens is too old to work with my autofocus sucks though. Everything is slightly blurry. I'll have to be more careful when buying my next gear that the AF works.
* It's so difficult to take interesting pictures in touristy places. Just looking around makes you feel like the picture you're making has been done to death.

Hello photog. I sometimes take pictures, and just started posting them on, too. I can't promise to stay active here for too long, but I will say that the local timeline here actually is useful compared to

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