I currently have a Nikon D5300 with two lenses (18-55mm with AF, 28-200mm without AF), both with different diameters. I'm looking to upgrade to a mirrorless in 2 years or so, probably with a sony-sensor.

Considering I'll have to ditch my current lenses, accessorizes and such anyways, does it still make sense to invest into eg. UV filters and such for my current gear?

@LeoWattenberg filters are by lens diameter, not manufacturer. You could buy larger ones and get a set of stepping rings to fit any smaller ones too.

@LeoWattenberg That, possibly, would depend on how much use you might gain from any purchase over your 2 year window of course?

@itdm5j21 I can do most images I want to do as it is now, except long exposure ones (no ND-filters). So all those filters would do for me is open a niche genre of photography for me, and make my other pics look slightly nicer, which probably wouldn't make it worth it on its own.

But as @laraby has pointed out, which I wasn't aware of before, I could continue using them with the new system using stepping rings. So I'll probably go out and buy a bunch of them one of these days.

@LeoWattenberg @laraby Yes, you could consider a modularised system - 'Cokin', springs to mind though I don't know if they still trade these days, or similar. Your Nikon lenses could possibly be adapted to e.g. a Fuji X system too.

@LeoWattenberg if you buy lenses with the same filter size later you can reuse them. Also you should be able use your existing lenses on the e-mount with an adapter.

@LeoWattenberg hei, i personally never use uv filters, they are more of a leftover from the film Era. Just be careful with your lenses.

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