Heya federation!
Sønderborg finally has something resembling a skyscraper, so now you can take shots from above!
Here: The Alsion.

Alright, two more, then it's enough.

I was at the top of the gasometer in Oberhausen for this one and had a beautiful view - except, it was so hazy, none of the photos I took looked anywhere near good.

However, turning them B+W and playing with the contrast at least made it look halfway interesting, abeit for perhaps the wrong reasons. Looks more like a WWII picture than anything else...

As said before - the lens I mostly used this trip was one where the autofocus wasn't working. This resulted in a lot of images, all of which are ever so slighly out-of-focus, because I don't really have a way to perfectly focus anything without a tripod, a split prism or, indeed, autofocus.
At least it's not too visible if you don't enlarge it too much, and I did get some practice framing stuff, so: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
, but also:

Hello photog. I sometimes take pictures, and just started posting them on deviantart.com/leowattenberg/, too. I can't promise to stay active here for too long, but I will say that the local timeline here actually is useful compared to mastodon.social.

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