🌼 Flore des serres et des jardins de l'Europe
A Gand: chez Louis van Houtte, eÌditeur, 1845-1880.

Something different. Don't know what I think about this one yet. One person thought the pointy beads looked like teeth and another thought they looked like butterflies :)

Made with Czech heart-shaped glass, glass topaz and glass amber swirl beads.

The colours of a lava field. Same stitch as my "Messy Lava Field Bracelet" but more dainty and patterned differently.

Made with the following beads: yellow turquoise, small green serpentine pebbles, amber brown glass, Japanese green glass, and black glass seed beads.

Y'a quelques mois j'ai fait une expo intitulée 'intra'

J'ai récupéré mes peintures qui ont fait un bon confinement sous verre :D

Thread :

#mastoart #art

Hi, does anyone out there know why most of the images I look at are hidden? I went to preferences and checked "Always show media" but when I search through other users' artwork I still find that 1/2 of the images remain hidden including nonsensitive works such as plant drawings. Any thoughts?

Here's a version I did of NGC 6302, also known as the Butterfly Nebula, showing Kastner et al.'s newly discovered [FeII] emission. Unusual for planetary nebulas. (Props 11504/Keith Noll & 15953/Joel Kastner)

Most of these beads are from a bracelet I wore a long time ago. Unfortunately, it broke! And, I lost many of its beads. I have now recreated it for myself with both old and new beads including wooden beads, glass seed beads, Japanese green glass beads as well as amber and crystal beads.

I am calling this "Messy Lava Field Bracelet" because its colours remind me of the lava fields of Iceland. Next time I will try the same stitch with smaller seed beads.

Made with natural yellow turquoise beads, small green serpentine pebble beads, amber brown glass beads, Japanese glass green beads, seed beads and a pewter clasp.

Black Mystic Night Ring

This was an experiment that I am quite happy with. It is made with wire and a black glass crackle bead. I plan to try this again with more wire wrapping precision (as you can see the wire is still a bit messy).

Little follow-up. I've gotta say that making my own black walnut ink and using it as a stain on horn carvings is one of the best decisions I've made in doing this stuff.
#mastoart #woodcarving #jewelry

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