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Mopsi @Mopsi

The ISO scale on my Leica M6 goes to ISO 6... Does anyone still produce that kind of film? And what did you use that for, except for shooting on glaciers? 🤔

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@Mopsi Ilford PanF 25asa/iso - given extra exposure and developed in perceptol (I guess there must be, also, an available equivalent these days) might get you in the ball park. Though: not sure why one should want to, excepting experimentation of course. 😎

@Mopsi It could be handy for longer shutter speeds while photographing moving water to get a 'silk' effect.

@Mopsi Yup 6 ISO film was copy film. Mostly to copy documents and other film. They don't make it anymore that I'm aware of but the FPP store does sell some. It can be used as regular B&W film.