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there is a reason for the mirrorless cameras are getting bigger....

you cant beat physics for optics and at some point the body is too small to be comfortable.

I love my a6500 but just a touch larger would be nice for this telephoto lens for comfort.

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@Mopsi @ambassador What I did was to pick up a usb charger for my camera battery, that then lets me charge it in the field. (I have a second battery too, so I can charge one while using the other.)



Good ideas, thanks :)
I never had a problem with too little battery power, though.
In ten days of hiking I didn't empty one battery of my EOS 6D πŸ˜…



Very interesting! Thanks 😊

Maybe photogtraphers are so used to having spare batteries, that they don't realize, that's an option. πŸ˜„

My uncle just had an interesting thought about : Why can't you charge the batteries of cameras through the camera?
He'd like to connect his camera to his power bank, when he's outdoors, but he can't.

I think he has a point there... people have power banks for their phones, why not use them?

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Look at this photo my partner Nik took with their new camera.

This flower is fucking pretty. It makes me think of an eldritch horror emerging from the Abyss and I really just love that.

I don't know what it is though, can someone help me to identify it?

That's not black and white, is it? πŸ˜„
Did you upload the wrong photo, or tag it wrong?

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From the terrace of the National Museum of Scotland

Excellent views of can obtained from here, especially the view towards Edinburgh Castle.

I'll finally have to get a flash and recreate your style. 😁

The picture reminds me of CGI because of the dark grey of the sky ^^

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@Mopsi Aye we have lots of very overcast days here, with gloomy skies.

Pretty much all of my photos are taken outside, the photography also serves as a great reason to go and take nice walks by the river!

Looks really interesting!
I wouldn't have guessed, that you shot that outdoors.

I wonder what it looks like with blue skies or even structures in the background

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It’s a dull drizzly morning again today, no chance to get out with the camera sadly.

But if I could I’d likely see more of these, which I think are shield bug nymphs.

#photography #macro

How does the lighting there work? Did you add light from a lamp or something?

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Hey, who is shooting medium format and what do you shoot with? Asking because I want to shoot medium format again. I used to have a Yashica TLR, was thinking about getting another TLR but wondering if maybe I should try like a 645 or something different. Thoughts, opinions, shots, etc.?

I think this is a very nice amount of blur.
And nice colours 😊

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"Study of rocks in water"

I experimented a bit with shutter speed and moving water, this is the result (1/25s, f8):

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