Okay, what's the deal with ? Why are all their members and all their photos of such immensely high quality? Are they an exclusive club, where you can only join if you are deemed good enough?

@Mopsi If memory serves it's an instance run by a Japanese company that has a lot of very pro photographers floating about...

Oh, they're a company? I see... I was wondering how a club of photo enthusiasts could all be so good... 😄

@Mopsi The instance is run by the company I think.

Not sure how they handle the users though...

Given the output...

I'd imagine it's a semi-exclusive club?


@ambassador @Mopsi

I joined it ages ago. Never got the impression it was a corporate-run instance, but that might explain why it's running such an old version of Mastodon.

I don't participate much but there are a lot of great people to follow. ^_^

I see. I took a short look at their website, but that wasn't very informative, especially since I don't know japanese 😄


@Mopsi @ambassador

Yup, I google-translated it all, went to their FB page, etc. They seemed really welcoming to all photographers so I signed up. Rarely visit, except to see what amazing things they're doing and follow them on my other instances.

Inspiring stuff.

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