Twilight as seen from the observation deck near Khodiyar Dam, Amreli District, Gujarat, India.

Love is in the air...

Nature shows us the way, even when we're not looking for a way. Peace can be had without belittling the less-fortunate or the few outnumbered in the world.

Replugging this here for visibility:

Some projects i worked on in the last year, that you might find interesting:

Koios - a universal database-free file tagger

Zhmenu - a robust featureful dmenu-like replacement and input method

Wisp - A fast, smart, lispy HTML output language

SpotifyC (WIP) - C Interface to the Spotify Web API and Spotify command line client

Boosts would be deeply appreciated as more users = less bugs.

For those screaming for context, here it is: there is none.

You can see the man with the red backpack walking along with everyone else.

The person who shot the video filed a complaint with the Office of Police Accountability in Seattle. They hope this will give OPA more power.

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Are they berries or a flower

Canon SL2/200D - Sigma 75-300 Super Macro APO DG - ISO 3200

Barleria Prionitis (or Vajradanti) is also known as the Porcupine flower. Apparently, its leaves may have a potential as a therapeutic drug for the treatment of anxiety-like disorders. Walking on a path lined with them at the Aravalli Biodiversity Park Gurgaon is as therapeutic.

A single Vajradanti flower against a backdrop of a sea of Vajradanti, with a gentle wind blowing and a muted evening sun casting a golden hue on the entire frame.

Sometimes, #Glasgow gets very nice sunsets. As there were no clouds, these are not dramatic but have a nice, still atmosphere.

If this does not make us hang our head in shame,I don't know what will!

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A judge from Bangladesh sentencing 16 rapists to death said:
"You think this is India?"

Seven inches of soggy snow,
It was a chore to make it go.
But it will gather again today
And more over night, or so they say.


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