Can someone file RTI to know about #Nirbhaya fund. What exactly happened to this fund?

Whether or not #Modi govt used this fund at all????


The Chipmunk was so busy nibbling something that it practically ignored me standing very near to it.

Hi #india,

#introduction time:

I'm Shibesh, prefer to go by Shibs.
My pronouns are he/him.

I write for a living, mostly copy but open to anything. (No like seriously, I don't have a job and #freelance work is light, hmu if you need a #writer) In one of my better moments, I helped co-create and co-write Consti-tuition Season 1.

I'm a #McElroy and #theadventurezone stan so if there's an instance for that, lemme know!

One of the pleasures of waking up before sun-rise in the mountain-forests of the is listening to the sounds of birds wafting through the crisp air.

One of the prominent ones is that of the Blue Whistling Thrush - its’ rambling-melodic whistling song usually starts about 25-40 minutes before actual sunrise.

Obviously, bird-songs need to be heard and not read. Click on where I have embedded an audio file.

@Vishsai @Memeghnad aaand here's a few memes. ppl reading this toot, feel free to use these and prev images on your own birdsite accounts!

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It was put together by @noelle and we thank them very much for keeping it up to date for all this time.

Some sunsets stay etched in your mind forever...

at Tampa Bay, Florida...

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