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The beautiful and almost unreasonably talented Tarriona 'Tank' Ball, from Tank and the Bangas'.

I fell in love with this group having seen their Tiny Desk concert, and then only a few months later was provided the opportunity to photograph them at a live show.

Honored & just so excited STILL to have been able to be there much less to be able to photograph these amazing people.

So fuckin cool.

The incomporable Jim Heath, of the Rev. Horton Heat.

It's just a $12 filter folks, don't lose your minds.


Hummingbird baby 14 days old

Canon SL2/200d - Vintage Tamron SP 80mm CF Macro Lens - ISO 800 - f8 - Exposure 1/200sec.

Just joined. Don't know much about Mastodon yet, but I'm in learning mode. This is my first post. Hope you enjoy this photo I made of a friend of mine a few years back.

I photograph lots of things, but I have a long history of making skateboard imagery.

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