@welshpixie @Sarisariola Yeah, been busy because of stuff, but I have a firm resolution to get back to it anytime now :)

Белово, Кемеровская область | Belovo, Kemerovo region, 2009.
(c) Iliya Pilipenko

#closeuprussia #iliyapilipenko
#rf #photography #photo

@rf @rubot

Behold! Another Komitea related band, Rane & Co. just launched their website:


Design: yours truly. Read: it was just a quick hack based on a ready-made WP theme. (Euphony, if you need to know.)

Annyways, Rane & Co. is a mighty cool blues band. Dig!

#music #garage #blues #turku #finland

Bryophyta + sunset + spray bottle = the only kind of outdoor fun you can get on a Friday evening these days. #photography #macro #mosstodon

@Jondor Yeah, that is a category I’m struggling a bit with. 👍

@hatebunny Not the fact we want to hear, but the fact we need to hear.

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