Been stuck in a country that's not my own for over a month because of Covid-19. However, we've adapted and are taking it all in as another life experience.

Stay safe out there everyone and try to find some light out of the current situation!

Buenos Aires, Argentina before the quarintine. On a side note, watched Contagion today

Mesmerizing statue at the Museum of Costa Rican Art. San Jose is a great city, but I'm looking forward to seeing these amazing tropical forests next!

Hello Toronto, Canada. You look like a cool city, wish I had more time to explore!

Heading to a camera shop tomorrow, I'm excited.

To help in the fight for equal opportunities, I believe that open source software can be one of the greatest neutralizers in the 21st century and have made a personal commitment to assist in pushing open source software into the mainstream.

A few days ago I wrote an article on the importance of open source software in the fight against inequality -

Sorry for not posting a photo this time.

Hi photog friends. Since we're into open-source software (all having found the Mastodon photog community), I'd like to recommend my favorite photo editing software that is 100% free to use. The software is called "Gimp" and it's similar to Photoshop.

If anyone else has favorite open source software's they use in their daily lives, let me know! I'm always looking for new stuff to play with.

Don't forget to get in front of the camera yourself once in a while! Had an amazing time at the Elephant Valley Project - a great sanctuary in Cambodia. They have 11 elephants which have 3,500 acres to roam around freely and the sanctuary provides medical treatment for the elephants!

Haven't posted any photos recently, however, here's one of my top 5 favorite shots from Cambodia thus far

Got married to a Kiwi this past year. Here's a beautiful church we stumbled across while driving along the East Coast of the North Island. Culture in New Zealand is way different than what I was used to, but the country itself was absolutely gorgeous

Temple outside of Kaohsiung, Taiwan from a few months back. I loved that country so much and look forward to going back one day. Normally I keep politics out of it, but I really hope they're able to keep their independence in the future. Seeing what's happening in Hong Kong makes me uneasy about the present and the future

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