πŸ“£ PSA πŸ“£

A handy trick for getting around our 5 post limit πŸ˜‰

If you reply to an existing post and mark the reply as "Unlisted" (the globe icon in the compose box) your follow up will be seen by anyone expanding the post but won't show on the main timelines.

By doing this you can do a "My Photo Walk (Expand For More)" post and then reply to it with a full set of images as "Unlisted" posts.

This will keep the main timeline from being overwhelmed while also showing off your amazing work.


Is it possible to post onto the federate timeline without posting to the local?

@Fia_Lagerdahl Unfortunately I'm not aware of a way to do this


May I ask why?


Oh more so to not spam the local channel with my photography! I know I can tie them together into the same toot but it seems as though when that is done, many of my followers miss out on it. So I deleted that old toot to spread them out instead.

@Fia_Lagerdahl gotcha....

you can also do threads...

might be a little easier for bulk posts


Uncertain on threading and the like yet but I'm learning slowly!

@Fia_Lagerdahl if you reply to a post (even your own) it'll create a thread

feel free to give it a shot, we have a delete button πŸ˜‰


I'm more considering the fact that I want a trigger into the display of federate timeline without the spam of local to avoid breaching the limit you have.
As it's a good source to display the images. So I guess my questions is somewhat, will posting a threaded line with tags show my post into the federated timeline or just become swallowed to be seen by those that happen to expand the thread?

@Fia_Lagerdahl i see...

you're probably going to be stuck if that's the goal 😒

Depends on how you consider "spam" if it's once a day, twice a day or in a constant stream really! Since I try to always do posts with at least 10-15hrs space between.

@Fia_Lagerdahl we've historically viewed spam as measured in maybe tens of minutes

certainly single minutes

if you space at a 10-15 hour interval you'd have every right to fight "spam" on the grounds you've spaced your posts out, even if the timeline may be "dominated" by you despite the time differential



Yeeeeah, I noticed that and felt a bit awkward earlier today but I'm pleased to hear that is not the case!

@Fia_Lagerdahl It's a hard balance to describe in ~500 characters...

We aren't the best with words sometimes πŸ˜‰

We certainly don't want to discourage folks such as yourself but we also know that open invites to "bombing" the timeline can also be problematic.

Our primary goal is to work with our users and ensure a good balance is struck.


Certainly! I also think it's the fact that I'm quite new to a lot of lingo of this website, so many things are a bit lost in the translation there!
Glad to hear that I did not fall under that though, as I do understand the feed system and don't want to bomb it. It's why I have posted some thing as unlisted/follower only.

@Fia_Lagerdahl πŸ˜›

If you have specific questions, please ask

Our users are very important to us and we work very hard to ensure they have a good home πŸ˜‰

(That said: we keep some "odd" hours based on our current timezone so.... don't panic if we disappear suddenly for a "nap")


I know the hour issue from being a mod on DA myself, that stuff can be hard!

@Fia_Lagerdahl :)

much appreciated

i hope we've been useful in articulating the "thresholds" we have in play here

we <3 seeing all our users work and hope we havent discouraged any

@Fia_Lagerdahl for those finding this thread: "constant stream" is what we'd consider spam

10-15 hour spacings... that's not spam

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