@ambassador Oh, sure. Would it be better if I started an account on a faster timeline? Is there a way to transfer accounts?

I didn't really understand the multiple server/local timeline thing when I first joined, so I apologize for having the wall of posts stuff.

@vital876 there is a way to transfer to a new instance. the join mastodon site has some info

we dont mind if you stay but we are a photography specific instance so it may not be a good fit longer term if youre not super focused on photography

@ambassador Thanks.

I just read the mastodon.social account transfer guide. The local timeline on that one looks a lot faster. People are posting every minute on that one.

I think that would be a better fit for me because I tend to post a lot about lots of different subjects. My goal when I signed up was to write essays about things I was thinking of and post them.


@vital876 that instance may be a much better fit. I started out there initially and its a good general one for getting your bearings and broader sets of topics

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