Poll time.

As a photographer, I'm acutely aware of appropriation of work. As such, I'd like a feel for what the community thinks.

Should we enforce a "Post only you OWN work" rule?

Find to Boost other people's work, but not to post under your own account.


I'm leaving this poll running for a week and will update site rules based on your decision.

My impression was always that this instance is supposed to be a place for photographers to share their own work.


As long as people who share my or someone else's work on their own accounts give appropriate credit to the original creator (and, if applicable, license under which the work was shared), I see no problem.

However, there are too many people who just 'steal' other people's photos and upload them without giving any hint that those aren't their own. This usually annoys me to the point where I just block them. (1/2)

However, within the ~same~ social network / Mastodon instance, I prefer boosts of my work instead of re-uploads, because boosts link to my account, allowing people to click-and-browse for more photos. (2/2)

@ambassador I think it would be ok to post the work (with due credit etc) of photographers that are not on fediverse.

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