Welcome new people!

We're seeing a high number of new signups recently (high for our small instance that is), so I thought a quick intro to some mastodon features and community expectations was in order.

Content Warnings (CW) are heavily used on Mastodon for everything from nudity to eye contact, to food. While it is definitely a personal choice, please try to be aware of the wider community's feelings.

Image descriptions are highly recommended (click "Edit" on the image). ...1/2


Image descriptions help the blind community via screen readers.

Aim for no bigger than 1280px on the long edge. Larger is pointless and just wastes server resources.

Your posts are federated across most of the Mastodon and ActivityPub Fediverse. Sometimes people will report you or you will report others. Those reports will go to the instance owner to action, both your instances admin and the admin or the instance being reported. Actions can be taken on either end.

@ambassador Just signed up today at this instance and want to transfer my account from another server but getting error messages while creating the alias. Any hint for me? Thanks for help

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- Zero tolerance for harassment or bullying, if you do this your account will be deleted

- All content is ©️ each user and cannot be distributed or used without prior permission by the respective photog.social user

- By using this site you understand that it is not a backup or permanent repository for your information, statuses or media ; additionally, your media was downsized on original upload and is not exportable at this time upon transferring to new instance

- You may support the community by boosting and positively interacting with everyone

- No Loli

- No Bots w/o Approval

- Respect Others


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