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Ninh Binh, Vietnam 🐲🐲. So far, I've been loving SE Asia, so much beauty everywhere

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As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a Wordpress plugin to show the "massive dev chart" data on a wordpress website using the Gutenberg editor.

If you're interested, a first beta version is available on my site:


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Negative scanning 1

Green tank engine at Bristol Harbour.

A scan of a negative from a 200 ISO unbranded C41 colour film. Taken into Rawtherapee to adjust exposure/colour etc. etc. Then into GIMP to touch up some of the age related marks and scratches etc.

The scanner is a Jumble 14/22 35mm Negative/slide device. Which cost £45 delivered.

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My first photography post here and I thought it would be apt if I start with an extreme closeup of the gentle giant

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Did a bit of a photo shoot with Wyn Masters, pro mtb racer and local, and friend of my brother. He has quite the large insta/fb following, and he posted this shot we got of him in front of Mt Taranaki for “”.

It seems kinda popular, even the New Plymouth mayor reshared it on fb 😆

This was only a quick edit, there is so much I don’t like about my processing, but general public doesn’t notice and only sees the complete image... so that’s all good I guess 🤷‍♂️🙂

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Today has been a day of random wandering I rode the MRT down one stop and started walking. Here are some things from here and there

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Olivetta San Michele (IM), Liguria, Italy - Località Bossaré

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Bonus Photo of the Day 2019-11-06.
YU-AJM, Douglas DC9-32, JAT Yugoslav Airlines, rocketing out of Runway 16 at Zurich Kloten, 28th September 1996.
Photo taken from the observation point at the intersections of Runways 16/34 and 10/28, as part of the ramp tour offered at the time.

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The King Parrots were back on the feeder this morning, at one stage, both of them, with a Brush Turkey on the veranda railing looking on.

By the time I got the big camera out, the female was feeding while the male kept guard.

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Ayutthaya ruins in Thailand were breath taking. While walking around this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site, couldn't help but let my imagination run wild thinking of what it would have been like to be alive during that time period (1300-1700s). Photograph taken of my wife

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