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This then is my black&white film developing lab. 🙄

I've done 2 x 35mm & 1 x 120 so far.

Quite fraught is developing film again, especially with limitations on facilities/space/access. A huge buzz though! 📷👍😎

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Photo of the Day 2019-11-26.
F-BTSD, BAC-Aerospatiale Concorde 101, Air France, on final approach to Manchester Airport, some time in the 1990s.

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“What I love about Black & White photographs is that they’re more like reading the book than seeing the movie” – Jennifer Price

This is an Indian Grey Mongoose that I clicked last week in the outskirts of Hampi. The intensity of its gaze screams for attention and focus is drawn instinctively to the eyes, the face and the tonal texture. Is that how you felt as well?

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Need some help from #NYC #Photographers I'm in the city over the holidays staying with family and last time I was there I discovered some rolls of exposed 35mm film that have been kicking around for years. I would love to get this developed and printed - 90yr old MiL needs prints. Does anyone in NYC still do d and p? Need someone who knows what they are doing as film is so old. Searching online didn't turn up much. #Help #AskMastodon @jaz @ambassador

Let's All Welcome @KIlphrin to the community 

Welcome @KIlphrin!

Welcome to, a growing community of photographers. If you're into photography you've found the right instance. Our benevolent @ambassador is on a mission to create a great space for photographers.

Photographers also use and heavily to surface content across the federverse.

There is also a great intro guide at explaining Mastodon's quirks.

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Era 2015 y todavía no sabía qué estaba haciendo (no llevaba ni medio año tomando fotos), pero esta foto todavía me sigue gustando.


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📷 👎 😎

This image is taken from a negative of a film that was badly damaged in attempt to get it loaded on to an old developing tank spiral that had seen better days.

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“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.”
― Robert Lynd

To me, one of the gentlest sounds that I have ever heard is that of a flock of birds taking off. Regardless of the size of the flock and the bird, the whispering whoosh of the combined wing flaps is a mesmerising sound.

This is an image of a few Indian Silverbills taking off. Shot last week near Hampi.

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Photo of the Day 2019-11-25.
RA-82073, Antonov An124-100, Russian State Transport Company, parked on the freight apron at Manchester Airport, 5th August 1996.

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Bordighera (IM), Liguria, Italy: una vista sino a Coldirodi, Frazione di Sanremo

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Loraciraptor: Set 1a

Toronto. June 5th, 2018.
Hey kids, I've posted some photos from this shoot onto my patreon. If you're the kind of person inclined to pledge to that kind of thing, there it be. If not, here's a pretty face!


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@kemonine (one of our devs) just got word they are being bought by a shady company

We will be scrubbing PIA from our docs on the coming days due to this development.
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#Wire messenger, while operating from Switzerland, is now owned by a US holdings company. They also quietly updated their privacy policy to some very vague language. got a response from Wire's CEO after questioning them about the news and it didn't inspire much confidence. As a result, is no longer recommending the Wire platform on their website.

#privacy #encryption

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