Finally had a chance to try out my ND filter, this is raw straight from the camera (no edits).

Brighton Palace Pier at Low Tide.

30 Second exposure and F22.
I love the silky smooth sea and clouds of this effect.
Also a seagull managed to stay still for the whole shot.

@andybroomfield Sweet shot! Would love to see the edited version once you have played around with it a bit

@Rinkhals thanks, still exprimenting with various settings to see if I can do longer exposures.

@andybroomfield How dark is your ND filter and how long of an exposure are you hoping for?

@Rinkhals Its a variable filter (2 up to ND 400), still experimenting with the settings.

Hopeing to do 5 minute exposures to really smooth out the sea and clouds, however that requires a really strong filter.

Having fun with it though.

@andybroomfield Oh wicked! I enjoy long exposures too. I look forward to seeing what you come up with

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