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#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン #Photograph #Photography

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So I went hiking yesterday, a wee bit off-trail, just to snap a quick of the local river 📸🌿

I should've taken more but this was a much needed break soaking up all the .

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#tokyocameraclub mstdn.tokyocameraclub.com/medi

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So I went out for a little adventure today. Can anyone guess where I was??


I have so many photos to go through. And I want to post all of them, but.... there's a lot. So, more coming soon I promise! 😘

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I posted a picture of my cat kissing me (and how much I enjoy it) and someone pointed out a certain resemblance and now I can't unsee it. kitty.town/media/T2_sfJQe-K46g kitty.town/media/NNdy9K9EZQlB5

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The bot has been updated to include auto-responding functionality.

If you're looking for auto-responses, the latest release has what you need/want.


I went to this rock concert in Santa Cruz a year ago. I set my phone down on the bass bin towards the back and fired off this shot, which I kinda like.

Super duper fun rad times!


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I went into #nature and did some #hiking with a great friend. This tree was so random but massive and cool #photo


When I lived in Seattle for a brief moment, I remember walking under and by this bridge almost every day as I made my way downtown. Massive!



I've been neglecting my only camera. I'm going to try and fix that this week. Maybe do some hiking and get some nature in the mix.

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I uploaded a header image thingy because I'm totally on top of things.

Here it is. I like it 😊


I once had an office right by the water. No really, this was the view from my desk. AND there was beer!


by me

I could 👂🏻 the 🎆 but I couldn't 👀 them. So...

I walked across this clearing, looked up and,


//edited by me


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My SO did a thing! Do you need a cool card with a photo on it for a thank you note, congrats or similar?

Check out the Etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/Kupari42

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as a fun fact, jesusinthe.club is free

10 boosts and I make a mastodon instance there