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This is my cat. He lived for 21+ years (we lost count) and passed a year and a day ago. He's the best most friendly cat in my world and I love and miss him dearly.

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Photography, alone of the arts, seems perfected to serve the desire humans have for a moment - this very moment - to stay - Sam Abell
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To me, a photograph means the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the meaning of an event on the one hand and the exact arrangement of the visually perceived forms expressing that event on the other - Henri Cartier-Bresson
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Don't forget to tag your photos with any/all of the following hash tags to help increase visibility across the federverse

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being poor, i dunno 

We didn't have much of anything growing up, and we moved around a lot, that instability always got to me. This cat got me through more than anyone else ever has.

Today I can afford most anything I want, I live in relative luxury, my past life feels so foreign and I'm always afraid of going back to it.

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A very old photo of my cat back in his lanky teenager years.

We have been warned that a free version of #Fedilab has been published on GPlay.

We don't own it and we didn't build that version. If you want to use the app for free, you should only download it from #Fdroid which builds apps from sources.

Updated my site, stripped it down, turned it into an easy-to-read place where I can post my writing, in the hopes that it'll inspire me to write more :)

The plan was to get a photo of robins courting.

Instead I got this.

If you, or somebody you know, are interested in live streaming outside of the existing corporate ecosystems or want to try something new, the #owncast project is going to offer some free instances that we manage for people who don't have the experience or resources to do so themselves. We'll start small, but share this with your friends, family, non-profits, creative organizations or anybody who might want to live stream using Owncast.

For more details:

#mastodon crowd: Is there some tool or way to check which of my mutual contacts I can't interact with anymore because the involved instances stopped federating?

Kids, always remember:

"You wouldn't download an education."

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JenTower, Jena
a) full intensity, rotating polarizer [animation]
b) unpolarized component
c) polarized component
d) angle of polarization, colorcoded (false color)
Location: Jena, Germany
Illumination: natural (blue sky)
Date: 28.09.2020

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